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Ready, Fire, Aim!
Ready, Fire, Aim!

It plays to plan your work. These workers came to install a fiber optic cable that was passing through our yard. Everything looked great, the conduit was installed, they had made a very cool rig for blowing a bag through the conduit with a strong pulling string attached to pull the fiber optic cable back, everything went great. They blew several thousand feet of pull string into the conduit, but something seemed wrong. The worker at the other end called over the walkie-talkie to say that the string had not made it to the other end (only about 1,200 feet away. They stood there looking, attached more line, and sent another 600 feet or so on it’s way. It didn’t show up either, in fact the radio crackled and the worker from the other end of the conduit said, “I’m not even feeling any air blowing out”. That was when I said, “did you guys by any chance forget to install the elbow junction in my backyard where the conduit pokes up? To which they replied, ” the conduit pokes up in your backyard?” Sadly, a lot of auctioneers run their businesses like this, don’t be one of them.

Always plan your auction business
You guessed it.

Auction Business Plans:

Plan your work, work your plan.
Where do you start when you want to be an auctioneer? You start at the beginning, you need a plan. I recommend you make a business plan, I also recommend you get help producing it.  There is an organization out there called SCORE that will help you. SCORE or the SCORE Association was previously known as the Service Corps of Retired Executives, but is now recognized as SCORE, “Counselors to America’s Small Business.” It is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides free business mentoring services to entrepreneurs in the United States. You get their free guide to making a great business plan simply clicking here. Go ahead, click the link. Don’t be one of those, “ready, fire, aim” aim auctioneers. There is a certain breed of cat that is attracted to this type of work, that breed of cat hates business plans, and a lot of those types don’t last long. Be that one that clicks the link. Be the one that stays in business. You can learn even more about SCORE, here.  Plan your work, then work your plan.

Now, let’s get started. Here is  some information to help you decide what type of auction business is right for you and help you start planning your business.