Setting Up Your Own Auction Website

Finding a never ending stream of clients by using your website.


Adding an Auction to Your Website

Your Auction Website

Needs It’s Own Auction Calendar

One of the most important things on an auctioneers website is the upcoming auctions page. On some sites this page is called the auction calendar, either way it is the same page and performs the same function. This page lets people know what auctions your company has coming up, where the auction is located, and how they can bid in the auction.

Setting up your own upcoming auctions page is as simple as adding a page in WordPress named, Upcoming Auctions or Auction Calendar. The tricky part is adding auctions to this page, which is where the WordPress Event Manager comes in. In this video I will show you how to use the Events Manager to do just that.

Now,  since I didn’t mention it here yet let’s go over why you even want or need to do this. Why not just use something like auctionzip or some other platform as your auction calendar? The real reason is SEO, and it boils down to past auctions. Even if you are a very successful auctioneer you will most likely ever have more than 50 auctions on your upcoming auctions. How many past auctions do you have, several hundred, thousands, tens of thousands? Past auctions are where it’s at for SEO.

Next, I will show you how to configure the events manager to put your auctions into upcoming auctions, and then automatically move them into past auctions, after they are over.