After the Auction

There are many things to think about after the auction. Many of these things are under your control, some are not, you can’t control the weather, but you can cover the carpets in case it rains.

Here are a few things you need to think about:

Pick up organization, If you followed our before the auction advice, you will have assigned each room or area it’s own number as in Living Room = 1,000, Master Bedroom = 4,000 and so on. Likewise you will have assigned a number to each worker as in Bill =200, Steve =300, that way if an invoice has a number or 1,234 you know right away that it is in the Living Room and it was lotted by Bill. If you go look in the Living Room and you can’t find it, your next move is to ask Bill if he remembers the lot. Often the response will be something like, “Oh, yea I put that under the thing right over here….” or something like that.

Another thing you need to handle is shipping (or have someone else do it for you). In our case we use 2 prefered shippers. I found one of them when we were conducting an auction over an hour away from our shop. I didn’t think it would work out to for our normal shipper to drive that far so I called the closest large antique store and ask if they shipped, when the owner told me yes, I asked would be interested in providing the shipping for our auction company at a nearby auction. I did two things by doing this, I picked up a very good shipper, and got lots of new bidders. SCORE!

Some things you can’t ship or shouldn’t ship. Here is one of our prefered shipper’s (Bill Thompson) explaining more about this.