Auction Lotting and Setup

Auctioneers don’t just call bids (in fact some Auctioneers never call bids) but all Auctioneers set up auctions, and most auctions are lotted.


If you are an Auctioneer, the odds are, you are going to be lotting auctions. You might do this several ways, that is what we will cover on this page. The way into the auction world normally starts with lotting/setting up auctions, and ringing at auctions. This page will deal with helping you become a trained and valuable auction setup/lotting professional.

Lotting by picture, using painters tape and a phone:

This is one of the most basic ways to lot. You might find yourself in a location with no Internet, and perhaps even no phone service for your cell phone. If you can’t take your Auctionflex (a software tool that many auctioneers use for auction management) server with you (say teams are using it to conduct mobile lotting in the elsewhere on the property where there is Internet, like in home while you are working in the outbuildings) or you are on the road setting up an auction while other members of your team are back in the office sending out invoices and closing out an auction, or while other team members are using mobile lotting to set up a different auction at the same time. You might just be starting out and not own a copy of Auctionflex, or even have to money to rent it. You can still use this method to produce an auction catalog using fee software to make your spreadsheet (we use OpenOffice and you can get your own copy here). If you want to learn more about lotting an auction with a phone with no Internet or phone service use this link.