How to lot coins with a smart phone, and a pile of books

Lotting coins with your phone and a stack of books


We have lotted coins many different ways over the years, with a phone, with a special microscopic camera and now I have discovered a super easy way that works great.

Lotting with a phone a light and some books:

I have tried this with a S5, am S5 and my new LG G5, it works find on all of them.

Here is what you need, a phone, Auctionflex running mobile lotting, something to lot that is small and needs close up pictures (coins, jewelry, etc.) perhaps a light, that’s it.

You will want the phone running Auctionflex over the Internet, not on the native app, because as of now the native app camera does not zoom in very well but the online app zooms more better yet, also goooder still (as my dad used to say).

Here is a video to show you how this works.