Bid Calling, Building Your Auction Chant

When you say the word auction to someone on the street or someone you meet at a party, they think Bid Calling, when you say Auctioneer, they think Bid Caller. While many auctioneers call bids, some auctioneers (even really big auctioneers) never call bids. Sometimes auctioneers hire bid callers, some auctioneers only sell online, but be that as it may, if you are going into auctioneering you most likely want to learn how to bid call.

I asked my good friend Junior Staggs to let me use his excellent bid calling videos here to help you get a good start. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still think you should go to a normal auction school (and I have listed them on the front page of this site), but what would be wrong with showing up at auction school with a firm grasp of the chant and how to control your breathing?

Junior Staggs covers the basics of your chant, numbers forward and backwards. One of my auction school instructors told me that he did not get to say million very often in his chant, but he did make a great deal of money counting to 25 over and over very quickly. There is a lot of truth there.

Rhythm, Tongue Twisters, Breathing and Clarity. Part 2

Filler Words in your auction chant. Part 3

Auction Contests, building your auction chant. Part 4

Building your bid calling chant, why you need to be smooth. Part 5

Building your bid calling chant, clarity. Part 6

Here is a good list of 5 good metronome apps.

My good friend Spanky Assiter recently spoke at the Missouri Professional Auctioneers Association Winter Conference and told a great story about selling a bucket of ball bearings. He started off by asking “Have any of you ever seen a juggler?” He went to ask, “when they juggle more clubs do they move their hands faster?” His answer was, “no, they throw the clubs higher.” In Spanky’s story he found out quickly that the bucket of ball bearings was worth much more than he thought. Spanky started this lot by asking for $5, now 10, now 15, now 20, now 30, now 40, now 50… He started throwing the clubs higher. now 75, now 100, … now 150, now 200, now 250… and higher, now 300, now 4, now 500, now 6, now 7, now 8 hundred, now 9, now 1,000… and higher, 1 and a quarter, 1,500, 750, 2,000… when the dust settled he sold that bucket of ball bearings for $55,000. It is a good thing he didn’t count by 5’s the whole way. Right after Spanky told us that story I sold a Motor Coach at a benefit auction and someone in the crowd yelled out $100. Here is the video of me applying what I had just learned from Spanky, I threw the clubs higher.

In 2016 the World Automobile Auctioneers Championship came to Missouri and I got to go video it. You can learn a lot about both bid calling and ringing by watching it.

World Automobile Auctioneers Championship 2016 Finals