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  1. Hello, my name is Monica and i buy abandon storage units. And sell the items at flea markets, facebook and yard sales. I am looking to expand my small business. I have a friend who is an auctioneer and will auction off only some of my items, it takes a month to receive payment, and now they have misplaced some of my items. I would like to cut out the middle man. So how long is the course, what is needed to be able to join , can this help my small business?
    Thank You
    Monica Silva

    1. Monica, the course is free. I am adding to it all of the time. You may need to attend an in-person auction school as well depending on what country and state you live in. This is still a great place to start and get your feet wet.

    1. Zak, This is an online course, and there is no age limit. I will be offering more in the future (including some in-person offerings, and some new online products that will have a small cost) but I don’t see age as a problem. When I start charging for some services, then someone will have to be old enough to give me a credit card that is in their name (like a parent) but that is down the road.

  2. Help conduct auctions under licenced auctioneers for years and then missed deadline for grandfathering in. Need a class that qualifies and meets Va. requirements so I can be licenced in this state. Meet the requirements to take the test but they will not let me without schooling. Thanks

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