The importance of a good auction sound system

Auction Sound Systems

There is an old saying in the auction world regarding the importance of sound systems. “It is better to have a mediocre auctioneer on a good sound system than to have a good auctioneer on a mediocre sound system.”

Estate Auction Sound Systems

Estate auction sound systems have a couple of particular things that they have to do.

  1. They need to have the ability to run on battery power. Not all estates have power, and sometimes you need to go from room to room (in the country they still pull all the items out and put them in the yard, but in the city our the suburbs the items are often sold in the house and from room to room, thus making a battery powered sound system important).
  2. They need to be portable. Same reason as above, but even if the items are taken out to the yard, you often have to move the system around.

Some auctioneers get around this problem by having two or more systems. I know auctioneers that have 3 or more systems so they can run multiple rings at an auction. I know some who have belly pack units (small portable sound systems that are held on a belt that the auctioneer wears while going from room to room.

Here is a video of a recent auction my son and I helped with where there was a very nice mobile sound system built into an ATV. Note that the speakers are mounted up high to get the sound out over the crowd. The speakrs are also angled out to give wide sound distribution.

Benefit Auction Sound Systems

Always try to get professional sound at your benefits. Many benefits try to skimp on sound. It is a generally in the charity’s best interest to get a professional sound system with powered speakers in the corners. There are other systems (like the Bose systems that can be placed out of the corners and in the crowd).

Using the band’s system is a recipe for disaster, due to conflicts that will arise when the band wants to leave and take their system with them. House systems will often clip, cutting the highs off of the auctioneers chant.

I would recommend that if you want to work in benefits you get to know some local sound companies to recommend (or in the case of many auctioneers I know) stipulate that they must be used in your contract.

Auction House Sound Systems

A good built in system is one of the best investments you can make in your auction house. I am partial to the Bose systems but you can get the job done with many of the systems on the market. Portable Sound also sells many very good units.