Lotting an auction without the Internet or a phone signal

Let’s face it, you will not always have Internet access when you are working on an auction. Here is what to do when you don’t.

Lotting an Auction without Internet Access or Phone Signal.


Sometimes you find yourself out in the middle of nowhere setting up an auction. If you had a wifi signal (like we did in the house) you can use a program like Auctionflex or Wavebid to lot your auction. If you had your server with you (we had to leave ours at home in St. Louis when we went to Mississippi) you could still use mobile lotting with Auctionflex. This is a worst case type situation. You have a cell phone, it’s charged and you need to lot the outbuildings where you have no cell phone signal, and no wifi to connect to.

How to handle the pictures and text file for your auction when you get back to someplace with Internet access.