It all started with an overheard conversation.

In 1999 I was still a software engineer writing credit card processing software for the Internet.

A fellow software engineer was telling someone about a friend of his that was making more money selling on online then he was in his $60,000 a year Oracle Datatbase programming job. My ears almost made that Six Million Dollar Man, do do do do noise as I focused in on that. Hmmm, more money selling on onlne. I had to try it.

It wasn’t easy. I didn’t own a computer at home, or a modem (back then everything was still dial up) or even a digital camera.

My wife Tina and I started out by going to garage sales and buying odd things to sell on eBay, a glass Daisy butter churn, a shovel made entirly of wood (blade and all) and turning around and selling them on online. We would take pictures of these things with our 35mm camera, and send the film (yeah I said film) off in the mail to who would develope it, digitize it and put it on their website. We would wait about 2 weeks from when we sent it off and Volia it would be there and we woud see if we had over or under exposed the pictures. If they were good we were all set to list the item on eBay. All we had to do was back to work and use the computer and the Internet connection at night. My bosses had graciously let me use my computer after hours to do this.

My wife and I spent several years selling on eBay and that led into us doing estate sales, and later still, auctions.

We spent years years conducting in person auctions, then started doing blended auctions (with both live and online bidding), later we started conducting timed online only auctions.