Juggling and Auctioneers

Jugglers are like auctioneers.

I always wondered why they didn’t teach juggling at auction school. We worked on my chant, we studied the Uniform Commercial Code or UCC but I find that as an auctioneer what I seem to do the most is juggle.


I need to work on my website, but we have to go finish setting up the Jones auction, I wonder how the crew is doing over at the Smith auction setup and if they will finally finish the catalog today? Hey, did anyone check to see of the office manager deposited that $16,000 cashiers check from the Washington auction yet? Then the phone rings, “Hello, Mound City Auctions, this is Rob, Yes we will put the address for that auction in the email notification to the winning bidders”.

Juggling, it is what I do, I juggle, and I help people solve problems. So in the interest of teaching you a skill nobody else is teaching in their auction school,  here is how to juggle.

But if you want to learn how to juggle as an auctioneer, here are some things that might help you.

DropBox: you can have your files available to you anytime you have internet access, and even when you don’t depending on your settings, and the type of device you are using. Dropbox will allow you our members of your team to work on files and share large files (like .pdf seller disclosure forms) that they can’t email due to size.

Google Calendar: We schedule our auctions, and events by using Google Calendar. It allows us to stay synchronized, it let’s us send reminders, it has a task lists. Here is a great tutorial to get you and your team started using Google Calendar.

Camscanner: allows us to scan contacts with our smartphone and share them to email or dropbox. It is super convenient to be at a client’s location, sign a contract, use Camscanner to scan it into your phone, then (on the spot) send it as a .pdf to the client.

SignEasy: allows us to sign documents using our phones. Just like using Camscanner, a very impressive tool. It is very nice to be able to sign the contract with your finger on the phone.

Google Maps: we use Google Maps every day. A world of caution, it is always nice to have a backup hard copy old school map in the truck for those times when you are way out in the boonies on the way to a client’s location and you lose contact with your phone carrier and now can’t find them.

Auctionflex: this is my favorite auction tool, it is the auction equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife, it does everything. You can use Auctionflex set up your auction, Auctionflex Mobile to catalog your auction, Bidopia to conduct your auction on-line or blended.

These tools help us to juggle our schedule and get way more things done done in our auction business.